Al Azra SpirituaL Tours
Welcome to Al Azra SpirituaL Tours arranges well planned Hajj packages.

All praise is to Allah the lord of this Universes and praise & salutation be upon Mohammed (S.A.W.) and his holy Progeny especially to Imam of our time Hazrat Wali-e- Asr (a.t.f.s.).By the grace of Almighty Allah and by the blessings of Aiammah (a.s.) & (especially) by the kind attention of Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.), we have successfully arranged hajj, umrah & ziyarat tours since last many years.

  • Our Aim

    We thought on this question that what difference will it make by starting another tour in this competitive field and to us the answer was clear. Ziyarat is not only visiting the Holy Shrine physically, touch the Zari physically, but Ziyarat is a revolution with in the person so that his soul should be near the soul of Prophet and Imam and he should realize that they gave him the opportunity to visit the them, now it is his responsibility to follow on the right path shown by them , and should not continue his life with the sins, but to follow exactly the same path shown by them, and so the name As Serat Tours

    Alhamdolilah from the time we have started we have given utmost importance that proper Aalim should always accompany us.

  • Services

    We operate different packages around the year considering the importance of Islamic date and month and also we operate vacation packages so that maximum families can take benefit of that and we do operate customize tour as per the ziareen’s specifications. We pray to Almighty Allah to guide us on the straight path and give us strength to do khidmat of ziareens.